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Altitude Training Ethiopia

The city of Addis Ababa is located at and above 2,300m of altitude.  It is the training home of most of Ethiopia's famous distance runners and offers the ultimate cultural experience to those with an interest in Africa and distance running.

Running Across Borders
Organisation that expands opportunity for East African Youth through running.
Visit and Train Programme allows foreign runners, of all abilities, the opportunity to run and live with aspiring Ethiopian athletes.
Accommodation, food and running guides provided as part of package.

For more information, contact:




Running holidays to Ethiopia and Kenya

Yaya Village


Altitude Training Kenya

While the majority of Ethiopian distance runners flock to their capital city to hone their skills, the Kenyans head to the hills and the quite farming town of Iten.  Kenyan's are welcoming, and a trip to the Rift Valley town is highly recommended for all distance runners.

Rift Valley Resource Centre
Mosoriot, Kenya

Purpose-built accommodation, gym and restaurant 10km from Eldoret Airport

Affordable price
Runners of all levels welcome


Running holidays to

Ethiopia and Kenya



The Kingdom of Lesotho, a small country completely surrounded by South Africa, is an emerging tourist and altitude training destination.  The entire country is located above 1,000m of altitude, and there is no shortage of trails and training grounds at 2,000m and higher.

Training camps for all levels of trail runners in South Africa and Lesotho
5-day Enduro Camps and 2-day Weekender Camps
Camps offer intimate running experiences in informal, con-competitive environment, with like-minded, passionate trail enthusiasts.


Altitude Training Morocco

Ifrane, in the Atlas Mountains is Morocco's best known altitude training venue.  Located at 1,600m, the town offers a variety of trails, and quiet, well surfaced asphalt roads for marathon training.


South Africa

Altitude Training Dullstroom

Dullstroom is popular among South African's for fly-fishing and bird watching.  The town offers excellent value accommodation, a friendly atmosphere, and miles and miles of undulating dirt roads for training. 

Bushveld Link
Comfortable minibus link between Dullstroom and Pretoria/OR Tambo Airport, Johannesburg  

Mon - Wed - Fri - Sun
+27 (0)13 750 1953 / +27 (0)83 284 5382


Altitude Training Potchefstroom

Potchefstroom is a very popular venue among British athletes.  Located a 1,400m of altitude it is the perfect location to combine altitude and warm weather training in the winter months.

Self Catering Accommodation

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Self-contained upstairs accommodation suitable for up to 4 people in a family home close to the main sports facilities and amenities. 
2 bedrooms, living area, kitchen, bathroom
wifii - cable tv - swimming pool

Further information and booking details via airbnb


Altitude Training Mexico City

Mexico City, the host city of the 1968 Olympics, offers plenty to non-running travel companions.  Food is cheap, and accommodation good value.  A perfect place to combine a training and cultural holiday.


La Loma San Luis Potosi

San Louis Potosi is a great training venue, particularly for track athletes, all year round. Food and accommodation in the compact city is relatively cheap, and the training facilities at the altitude training centre are excellent.

All-inclusive camp in San Luis Potosi Apartment and hotel accommodation Indoor and outdoor facilities for a range of sports, including
Swimming, Athletics, Tennis, Volleyball, Martial Arts
 All-you-can-eat buffet meals


United States of America


Albuquerque has been a popular training destination for Paula Radcliff and other European athletes for a number of years.  The city offers a variety of trails and traffic-free routes, both by the Rio Grande, and in the foothills surrounding the city.


Running Boulder

Boulder is a runner friendly town, made famous by the annual Bolder Boulder 10km race; a perfect challenge of die-hard distance runners.  There are a variety of runs within the town, and in the surrounding hills.

Running trails in Flagstaff

The small town of Flagstaff offers excellent variety for athletes with it's well groomed network of flat and hilly trails.  With a number of national monuments, including the Grand Canyon, within easy reach of the town, there's always something to do on your rest day.

Computrainer classes and sessions for cyclists and triathletes in Downtown Flagstaff
Training camps around Arizona

- - - - -
Also featuring VOLT Sports Lab - Endurance sport testing & prescription
- cycling - running - swimming -

- - - - -


High altitude running camps
Prescott - Flagstaff - Sedona


2, 7 and 14-day all-inclusive summer running camps in beautiful Northern Arizona

 Hypo2 Sports
Hypo2 Sports are a Training Site Management Company based in Flagstaff.  They provide a one-stop-shop training camp service for teams in Flagstaff, Sante Fe and other sites in southwest USA.

Services include:

- Sport-specific facility access
- Accommodation and dining
- Ground transportation
- Blood profiling and analysis
- Sports massage and physiotherapy
- Physiological testing and  performance analysis
- Medical care
- Team-building and extracurricular activities

Past clients include National swimming teams from around the world, Australian Rules Football teams, the Australian and Japanese Institutes of Sport and Athletic Canada


Altitude Training Mammoth Lakes

Though the town of Mammoth can be affected by snow right up until April, snow-free roads and trails are only a show drive away down the valley.  The town is excellent for a live high; train low approach, and during the summer months, train higher options are also available.


Big Bear Lake, CA

High Altitude training facility equipped for boxing, MMA, and other sports. Exercise Physiologist and Physical Therapist on site.
Blood profiling and Vo2max, anaerobic power and body composition testing available.

Mancos, CO

Estes Park, CO

Training camps for adult female runners, trail runners and triathletes

Groups and individuals also catered for year-round
Athletes from recreational to Olympic level welcome
2,300m above sea level 
Opportunity to LHTL in Boulder, Lyons or Fort Collins


Endurance camps and clinics for runners, triathletes and cyclists
Various venues across the US, including Estes Park

Nederland, CO

Kathy Butler Training Camps
Mountain Retreats and tailor-made training camps, 25 mins from Boulder.

100s of kilometres of trails, all-weather track, weights room, yoga options, lots of local coffee shops and restaurants.

Experience the beautiful Colorado countryside, and train with former British international and two-time Olympian Kathy Butler

Mountrose, CO

Snow Shadow Gymnastics Altitude Cross-Training
Gymnastics, Judo, Karate, Music and Environmental Science programmes at altitude in Mountrose, CO. Emphasis on suitable environment for success, fun, and harnessing the excitement of being in the mountains.
Combine traditional training methods with exciting forms of cross training including. kayaking, canoeing, horse riding, and swimming in hot springs.


Running trails in Falls Creek

The ski resort of Falls Creek in Victoria offers cheap off-season accommodation to runners who want to get away from a busy lifestyle and perhaps prepare for early-season track races down under.


Font Romeu

Font Romeu is another popular training destination among British athletes.  The ski resort offers a variety of flat training routes within a short drive of the town as well as some more challenging ones within the town itself.


CAR Sierra Nevada

The Spanish national training centre at Sierra Nevada offers excellent facilities for a variety of sports.  While runners aren't spoilt for choice in terms of trails, the city of Granada, situated at an altitude of just 700m, is only 30 minutes drive away down the mountain.

CAR Sierra Nevada
Training Centre at 2,320m in Sierra Nevada, just 35 minutes from Granada.
Hotel style accommodation
400m Mondo Athletics Track, Swimming Pool, Gym and other facilities on site.
Transfers, fitness testing and medical support can be included in team packages
For further information contact:




Trails in St Moritz

St Moritz is yet another ski resort offering excellent training conditions for runners during the summer months.  The variety of trails within walking distance of accommodation is unrivaled.  The scenery is spectacular; and the people warm and welcoming.  The only drawback is the fact that it's expensive.

Hotel Stille Sportif
Hotel, studio and apartment accommodation on edge of forest. Experience providing accommodation and catering to large groups of international athletes. 50m from bus stop
Free wi-fi. Kitchens available to team chefs. Discount for extended stays. 
Via Surpunt 58, CH-7500, St Moritz-Bad +41(0)81 833 6848 -

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